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White Magic

What is White Magic?

White magic can broadly be defined as any kind of magic that is not used malevolently and white magic spells have no malevolent connotations behind them as they are used to either benefit the caster or benefit another person of the caster’s choosing. White magic that is turned into Black Magic is usually defined as gray magic.

Usually, white magic is the most often used form of magic and it does not receive the level of bad reputation that is attributed to black magic due to the latter’s connotations of evil and intrinsic link to villainous and often violent characters in films.

Most magical practitioners focus mainly on white magic as there is very little chance of inadvertently causing harm to someone due to the innocuous nature of the Spells. These kind of white magic spells often relate to calling on the power of the Elements to help them in their spell casting as the Elements are strong and there energy gives a huge amount of weight to a spell.

Some examples of white magic spells and practises are. As well as these kinds of spell, there are also white magic love spells.


This kind of white magic spell is used due to a human’s natural desire to protect themselves and their loved ones. Due to how it is inherent within human beings, it is usually considered to be white magic. However, there is a flip side in that protection spells can be used to bind others. In this case, it would be considered gray magic.

Weather Magic

This is a very popular type of magic (the idea of a rain dance being one example of it) that is practiced even by many who do not follow religions that believe in magic. It involves manipulating weather conditions in order to suit your own ends, such as trying to encourage sunshine on a day that you are going outside.


Healing is often considered a miracle and is believed to have been performed by deities of various religions. As it involves transferring health and positive energies to another person, it is considered white magic. As exorcism involves banishing negative energies, it too is considered white magic.


This is an important magical art as it involves passing positive energies into a person or object. This positivity causes it to be classified as white magic.

White love spells are the most widely used kind of love spell and they often consist of persuasion of the mind or perhaps a change in perception in order to persuade someone to notice the spell caster in a romantic light. The slight interference with free will that can occur is what makes it possible to turn White Magic Love Spells into gray magic.

To conclude, white magic is a much nicer and more beneficial branch of magic than the more malevolent possibilities inherent within black magic and thus most practitioners of magic would recommend that you operate over on the side of white magic as opposed to the darker and more evil side of black magic.